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SMF Quick Loans

These are working capital loans targeted at individuals and SMEs like merchants, traders, importers, etc. operating an active business but will need cash to quickly resolve a financial need, and a boost in their working capital. Through the SMF Quick Loan, clients are able to finance their asset acquisition, rent settlement, clear goods from the port, finance their contract; etc.

SMF Personal Loans

This is a short term facility designed for salary workers working in private institutions and need funds to meet their personal financial needs. A personal guarantor is required. Repayment of loan is made easy and flexible through the direct deposit into our account, mobile money transfers to the Shield Microfinance merchant line, payment through our USSD code, bank transfers; a standing order or postdated cheques.

SMF Nkosuo Loans

SMF Nkosuo Loan is a unique short term loan facility designed for our Susu and regular savings account holders who need financial support to settle their various financial needs. Through this loan, our clients are able to expand their petty trading businesses, re-stock, pay rent, schools fees for their wards, settle medical bills, acquire assets, etc.

SMF Payroll Loans

The SMF payroll loan is targeted at public sector workers who are paid salaries through the Controller and Accountant General Dept. and have urgent financial needs like school fees payment, rent payment, asset acquisition, project financing, settle medical bills, etc.


SMF Pay Loans

SMF These loans are tailored to meet the financial needs of employees of private organizations whose employers agree to deduct loan repayment from source to Shield Microfinance. Customers get to enjoy the benefit of accessing the credit facility at very competitive interest rate.

SMF Susu

This is targeted at customers who would want to save a fixed amount at regular intervals towards a financial goal through an assigned mobile banker or via our USSD code. All deposits are insured and the client receives instant SMS alert on each transaction on his account. The customer gets a passbook to help track the transactions on the account as well.

SMF Savings

This is designed for customers who would want to save at irregular intervals towards a financial goal like rent payment, school fees, settlement of medical bills, business expansion, asset acquisition, etc. While clients are encouraged to save regularly towards the achievement of their financial goals, their saved amount earn them competitive interest as well.


SMF Fixed Deposit

This is a short-term investment product targeted at those who want to invest a lump sum towards the achievement of a financial goal while making good returns on their funds for specific period like 30 days, 91 days, 182 Days & 364 days.

Potential customers can invest a minimum of GHC500.00 to earn interest above the Government of Ghana T-bill rate.

All deposits are insured.

Fast & Easy Process


Complete SMF Application form


Provide 3 months’ pay slips and bank statement


National ID Card & passport picture


Personal Guarantor (Passport picture; National ID)